NUEJAZZ Festival

NUEJAZZ wants to show how colorful, creative and varied jazz music is lived and performed today. The festival especially presents newcomer artists who are on their way to becoming the top class of international jazz. The program makers love the experiment and so musicians from the fields of pop, rock, electro and world music are just as welcome as artists from free improvisation.

NUEJAZZ Festival was founded in 2013 by Frank Wuppinger & Marco Kühnl. The aim was to establish an international jazz festival in Nuremberg. From the beginning the focus was on exciting new, young projects of different styles. In addition, the NUEJAZZ for Kids series was set up from the start.

The festival quickly became one of the most important new festivals for young talents in Germany. In 2019, the organizers welcomed more than 4,000 visitors with a varied program reaching from venues like the Nuremberg opera house to club stages and DJ evenings as well as children's concerts and an exhibition.

The festival is always geared to bring jazz closer to the youngest. With many family concerts in children's facilities, the organizers act on a low-threshold and sustainable basis and reach a very diverse audience.

NUEJAZZ works closely with the city's universities and offers students a professional platform through which they can grow.

"The Jazz Workshop" will be presented as part of the festival. Together with the Hochschule für Musik (Academy for Music) we oversee and organize the students' stay in Nuremberg. The band and the students were already in Nuremberg for a first phase of work in February 2020 and were coached in workshops in music business, a professional photoshoot and in stage presence through the festival.

During the festival 2021 (25th - 31st October) the band will again be looked after by the festival team and the academy. The festival helps in advance to create and optimize presentation materials such as photos, videos, etc. In addition, the students get an insight into the festival organization during the festival. The band will perform with their elaborated musical program on October 30th in the main program on one of the stages of the festival.

The festival sees itself in a different context as a platform for young creative people. There is a collaboration with the design chair at the Technical University of Nuremberg. Students at this institute will present an exhibition on the subject of Jazz & Design. The design of the homepage of the “Jazz Workshop” was also developed in a selection process in the design class of Prof. Krüll at the Technical University of Nuremberg.

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